Saturday, February 1, 2014

A great week in PA!

We had 75 egg rolls at a member's house.  They were DIVINE!!!!

My companion had to get new glasses......I suggested these!

A door that bright was just asking us to come and knock on it....hehe
I love the snow!!!!!

First of all.  I'M GETTING A HAIRCUT TODAY!  I'm so excited.  I can't stand this long hair any longer.  You might as well call me Rapunzel now.  I just swing through our house by my hair.  That's how long it is.
  It's been another GREAT week!  Better than last week.  We taught of total of 15 lessons, and we picked up 2 new investigators.  The work is thriving in this area.  It's stressing me out, because things are going a little too good.  I pray the Lord doesn't "humble" us... heheh We are always giving thanks for everything.
  Monday was pretty good.  We went and visited with Sister K, and talked about 1 Nephi 8.  We taught her how to find peace, and how the Holy Ghost helps us.  I also gave her a pretty sweet blessing afterward.  I am starting to like giving blessings more and more.  They aren't as scary as they used to be.  I'm beginning to understand the spirit more and more each day.  He's hard to hear, but he's always speaking.

 Tuesday we did an exchange with the zone leaders.  I went with Elder Jones (ZL) and Elder Stevens (ZL) stayed in our area with Elder Johnson.  They had a great day.  They taught 4 lessons and picked up a investigator!  My day was awesome!  It was a lot of fun.  First of all, it was dumping snow all day.  So naturally i was already walking on sunshine.  Elder Jones was super fun.  He's a really good missionary.  He knows what he's doing.  We went and shoveled some people drive ways.
 Wednesday was great!  I was still with Elder Jones.  He set the alarm for for 5:45.  That's when he gets up to work out.  I barely get up at 6:30.  I just fell off the bed (bringing everything with me) and slept on the floor.  I hate the mornings.  I am not a morning person.  Once i was up and going i felt great!  I got my energy back, and was worked out a bit (the 30 minutes allotted).  We met up with Elder Johnson and we switched back.  It was a super fun exchange!  I was glad to be back with Elder Johnson though.  We've really figured out how to work with each other.  He feels more like a brother instead of a friend.  Which is great!    We just get to work, have fun.  YOLO every day.
  Thursday was pretty fantastic.  We taught a less-active women and pretty much promised her all of this awesome stuff if she'd come to church.  She said she would.  She is really close from getting active again!  After we went to teach a family in our ward to try and get a referral.  They called us right when we were about to knock on the door, and they said not to come.  They had the flu:(  So we went tracting for a bit, and picked up a sweet potential investigator!  It was FREEZING cold!  We went to the car, and we pulled into a drive way that was on a slight incline, and the car got suck!  It took us 40 minutes to get it out.  We ended up pouring wind shield fluid under it, and scrapping off the ice.
  Friday was another great day!  We had a lesson with B.  We went and saw sister H, and potential picked up her nurse as an investigator, and then we taught Sister K!  It was so cold though that night, it snowed a lot so we weren't able to go out that night.

  Saturday was sweet!  We had a sweet lesson with P.  A less active who said he'll come back to church.  After we had a lesson with H.  Then we had a lesson with G.  It was a great day! Very busy.  Very snowy.  There is a guy that moved back to the ward who has joined our companionship.   and he was previously Muslim.  He grew up in the church here, went to Cali and turned Muslim.  Now he's back and he prayed on Wednesday and received his answer that this church is true!  He has such a powerful testimony.  He is fully converted now.  He was with us for 4 hours on Friday and Saturday just carting us around and teaching.  All we did was testify of what he would say.  He was addicted to a lot of stuff, so it was really helpful with H. to get her to quit. He's also saved our butt on miles as well.  We have been so over, but he's driven us around the past 3 days so we are on track again!

  Sunday they cancelled church.  We went and had church with the Z's and the sisters.  I went on a split with Bro Memmott to teach brother M.  Elder Johnson's eye was burning all day, so he stayed with the Z's and rested.  His eye still hurts, but hopefully it gets better!

  IT WAS A GREAT WEEK AND I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!  Have a great week!  Love ya guys.
  Elder Birrell

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