Monday, February 3, 2014

"Many are cold but few are frozen"

With a sign like this......we needed to tract that house.
Clearly, by the title of my email.  It was a pretty cold week.  Again there was a polar vortex thing at the beginning of the week.  Temperatures were in the low-single digits.  However, it didn't slow us down one bit.  The Lord has truly blessed us!  Elder Johnson's eye is healed an healthy again.  Our area is once again experiencing another successful week.  15 lesson's, and 2 new investigators- yet again.  We are really focusing on remaining as humble as we can, so the Lord doesn't humble us.  hehehe.
Monday:  It was cold.  We went to the mall so i could get a few things, and get a hair cut!  It was much needed, and i fell like a new man.  Ready to baptize my area.  We didn't have any "success" numbers wise this day, because it was so cold.

Tuesday:  It was a great day!  Tuesday's have turned into one of our best days in the week.  First we had a lesson with Sister H.  It was a great lesson!  We discussed the BoM.  We committed her to come to church, and she did!  She even bore her testimony.  They are both making a lot of progress.  After we had a lesson with Sister M and her grand daughter, C.  Sister M has been going through health problems, and we recently learned that she needs a new heart!  We watch the Mormon message "Mountains to Climb".  The spirit was so strong and she was crying.  We talked about enduring to the end, and our Heavenly Fathers love for us.  We left on a really good note.  She seemed comforted, and she's still pressing on!  After we had a lesson with H.  We talked about baptism, but it turned into the BoM.  She has started reading a chapter or two a night.  She is in 1 Nephi right now.  She had a lot of questions on what is happening.  I was able to answer them, because i have recently restarted the BoM and highlighting everything that pertains to desire.  So we discussed what she's reading, and she really enjoys the BoM.  

Wednesday: We did our exchange this day, with the Greensburgh elders.  Elder Johnson went to their area with Elder Little.  His companion (whom he is training) came with me to Penn Hills.  It was a great day!  We taught a less-active women, and then A. and K.  Except, A. had finally invited her friend whom she had been talking about for the last 3 months!  Her name is J., and we taught her the restoration.  She really liked it, and wants to learn more.  She said she is looking for a church, and hasn't found one she likes.  Great lesson.  After we went to the Memmott's and then attended BoM class.  it was a great day!  It was different teaching with a new an less experienced missionary.  You really take for granted the unity you have with your other companion when it comes to teaching.  It was great though.  I enjoyed being with him.  He is a great missionary!

Thursday:  We had our district meeting, and interviews the President Topham.  After we didn't have anything...  We tracted for 2 hours.  But if there isn't anything else to do, it's the only thing to do.  We actually ended up picking up a pretty good potential investigator.  We are going to follow-up with her this week!

Friday: It was a great day!  We went and taught Sister H.  She is old, and isn't able to make it out to church.  We felt like we should visit her though.  When we were there her nurse was totally interested in the gospel, and wants us to send missionaries!  It was so awesome!  We taught her about the BoM and the restoration.  The spirit was really strong.  After we went and taught Sister S.  We talked about church and the importance of it.  We committed her to come and she said she would.  She didn't end up coming... :(  Later, we felt impressed to try and see Sister F.  We went.  She was home.  She had a friend who's house just burnt down.  We taught.  Got a new investigator.  Had such an awesome lesson!  Pretty much sums it up!  They were both super interested!

Saturday: Another great day.  We taught Sister S. briefly.  Then we saw Sister F. and her Niece again.  We committed them to come to church.  They said they would, but they didn't.  We also had a super powerful lesson with H. that night.  We talked about tithing and the WoW.  We committed her to be baptized on February 22.  She was so excited, and said she would!  We committed her this week to stop smoking.  We have arranged for members to go over to her house each day and help her out (read scripts, talk, etc.).  She was so excited!  It was the most powerful lesson ever!

Sunday:  It was a great day.  We visited a lot of members to seek more referrals.

It was a great week!  Love ya guys!  Thanks for everything, and i hope you have a great week!  I love being a missionary!:)

Elder Birrell

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