Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 14....a Baptism.

I accidentally put 20th birthday on a balloon I sent him.  I know he is only 19!  A "senior" moment :)

I cannot believe it's already week 14!  The work of the Lord is really pushing forward here in PA.  It has been a really busy week, and really productive!

Monday was really busy!  We had our P-Day, and we spent the whole day at the Z's.  We played scum and lucky unders.  It was really fun!  After, we went and taught K just to make sure she was ready for her baptism.  We ended up moving it to Friday, because the young women were going on an ice skating activity and the bishop wanted them to be there.  After we went and had a quick lesson with H.  We hadn't seen her for over 10 days, but she was really happy, and was doing well!  She gave one of her friends a Gospel Principles book, and they talked about it until like 3am.  She is continuing to share the gospel with everyone!

Tuesday was also very successful.  The best Tuesday we've had yet!  We went to service, and we got a hold of a potential investigator, B.  We scheduled to see him at 7:30.  Before that however, we stopped by a less-active.  Her brother was there (LA) and his girl friend (NM)!  We taught the the restoration!  It went really really well!    After we went and had a lesson with Sister M.  She also had a friend over who isn't a member, and what we talked about she had asked Sister M that night before!  It was truly inspiration!  Later that night, we had a lesson with B.  We first went to his door, and we didn't see his car.  Elder Johnson said he  didn't fell good about knocking, so we walked around the street.  We were kind of discouraged.  We felt we should go back, and when we turned the corner we saw his car!  We seriously freaked out, and were like giddy little girls.  We were laughing and screaming and freaking out.  Hopefully no one saw, or they'll be sacred of missionaries... HAHAH.  He had SO many questions, and he was riddled with doubt.  He didn't want to doubt everything though.  It ended up being a 2 hour lesson.  The spirit was so strong and he said we will take the lessons.  ANOTHER INVESTIGATOR!

Wednesday was another great day!  We had our zone training in Butler, and learned a lot!  It took most of the day, so when we got back we had a lesson with K just making sure everything was good.  One of her friends was there, and we were showing K how to be baptized.  Her friend was watching, and said that she wanted to be baptized that same way too!  I was asking one of K cousins at church if her friend was interested in hearing the gospel.  She said if we were teaching them.  She really liked church and was involved in the lesson.

Thursday was still fantastic!  We had a great lesson with Sister K, and her in-active son.  We also had a really powerful lesson with sister M.  Later that night we had a lesson with some members continuing to seek referrals from them.  They are getting closer.

Friday we had a lesson with a less active member, and he said that he is going to come to church.  He knows he needs to and so we gave him that extra push!  then we went to the church to prepare for the baptism!  That night K. GOT BAPTIZED!  It was amazing!  A lot of people showed up, and her nonmember friend!  I was so happy for her!  It was a great day.

Saturday was interesting.  We went and had such a powerful lesson with sister M and her granddaughter C. We read D&C 121 with them.  It was awesome!  They cried.  The spirit was strong, that's fur sure.  Later that night we went and contacted a referral we received from sister k, who asked us what the purpose of life is.  She wanted answers from the Bible.  We had  a 30 minute conversation.  

Sunday was freaking awesome!  K. GOT THE HOLY GHOST!  Her friend also came to support her, and really clicked well with the ward and everything.  She said i looked like one of the 1 direction freaks... Grrrrrrrr!  There was a recent convert visiting at our  church building, and we asked him to go on a team up with us that night.  He was willing, and we went and saw a family with him.  They are less active, and she actually got baptized into a baptist church.  He gave such a powerful humble testimony.  All we did was testify of this truths!  She said she's going to come back.  They know they need to.  It was the most powerful moment I've had on my mission.  I loved it!

Great week!  We taught 14 lesson's in all!  2 new investigators, and the bishop loves us!  The ward really likes us as well.  They tell us we are the best missionaries they've had in a while.  We are constantly trying to keep ourselves humble.  We hate compliments... hahahah  I love Elder Johnson, he's such a great missionary and I'm honored to serve another 5 weeks with him!  I am so excited for the week to come!  Have a great week, and i love you guys!

Elder Birrell  

The font door was locked....good thing Austin has long legs.

Homemade by Austin

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