Thursday, February 27, 2014

Transfer week

Hello! This week has been a great one!  Transfers are taking place tomorrow at 9:30!  I can't believe this transfer is already over.  I went by in the blink of an eye.  Elder Johnson is a super great companion and missionary, and i am most definitely going to miss him :(  We get along great, work great, and look great! ;)  hah!  It's been a blast!  Sad it's coming to an end...  So President Called us last night, and he asked if i would train.    It'll be fun.  I'm excited! >
  Monday: WE WENT DOWNTOWN!  It was a party and a half!  It's not what i was expecting however.  It wasn't as busy as i thought it was going to be.  It's not that big of a city.  We went with Jared.  He's awesome!  We went to this super duper yummy pizza place.  I guess they are one of a few restaurants that have approval from Italy to make pizza.   Everything is imported from Italy.  It was way good though!  There was this guy named Wholly who sat next to us.  He pointed us out as Mormon missionaries, and sat by us while we ate.  I guess he was famous.  He's the man responsible for making Pittsburgh a food scene.  He was nice.  We then went to point park and to the fountain.  It was a lot of fun!  We saw the 2 stadiums.  PNC and Heniz.  We went back to the car since we were running out of time.  It was a great day!
Tuesday: We did service like usual.  After we went to visit Sister H.  We taught her the plan of salvation.  But her husband sat in!  He's not a member, and he wanted to learn more!  We picked him up as an investigator!  Sister H was so happy.  She really wants to get married in the temple!  Then we had dinner!  Our night fell through...
Wednesday: We had our last district meeting.  It was really fun!  We have such a great district, and it's going to be different without a lot of them!  3 are getting transferred.  After we went and Visited with A and K.  We went on an exchange as well.  Elder Little came to our area with me.   Then we had dinner with the Memmott's.  Bro Memmott came to Utah this this past weekend because he is interview at BYU.  Hopefully he gets the job!  After we taught Book of Mormon class.

Thursday: This day was awful.  Literally nothing happened.  We got 3 media referrals, but none of them wanted to talk to us.  It was a faith day.  We had dinner at the Mickelson's.  That was really fun!  They're a great family! We also saw H. We taught her about the Book of Mormon.  She really liked it!
Friday:  Another faith day.  We didn't have much luck lesson wise...  Our day was planned, but for some reason it kind of fell through.  We had a lesson with P, but during the lesson the sisters called twice.  So we assumed it was important.  We answered, and they said they had a flat tire and they need us to come fix it for them.  They called the office, but they told them to call us.  P said he knew how to change a tire, and he'd love to help!  So we went and fixed the sisters tire.  After we had dinner at the Zebraski's.  Our dinner appointment cancelled, so they said we could come have dinner with them.  After we went to see Y, but he wasn't home...
Saturday: Today was awesome!  We had so many appointment.  We had 4 appointments right in a row!  Some how we stayed on time.  We saw sister h, sister h, sister E, and Sister M.  It was a crazy day!  We had dinner at the de Poix's.  It was great!  Then we went and helped the Zebraski's with some service.

 Sunday: Only one LA of ours came to church.    We had a great lesson with Mr. H. about faith.  He's read Mosiah, Alma, and Helaman all in the past 3 weeks!  He really likes the BoM now.  After we had a lesson with G.  It was a great lesson on the Holy Ghost.  He said that the lesson's are helping him, and he just needs time and he'll come back!
  It ended up being a great week!  Sister Holmstead, Elder Johnson, and Sister Nay are getting transferred.  It's a sad day!  We have a great district.  I get my trainee tomorrow at 12!  Have a great week!  Talk to you next week.

 Love Elder Birrell

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