Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 5!

Deep fried Oreos.


I cannot believe it has already been a whole week!  Time goes by SO fast!  It's unreal.  This week was pretty grand though.  Thanks for sending me my iPod and the Salt and vinegar chips!  I have been craving those! We have been listening to a lot of Christmas music!  We have to enjoy it while we can;)
On Monday we went and played tennis after emailing.  It was pretty fun!  I'm not good, but it was still fun.  We had dinner at a members home.   They are awesome!  They are hilarious. 
Tuesday was...  Not so great.  Not a lot happened that day.  It just prepared us for Wednesday!:)
Wednesday was pretty swell!  We had district meeting and Elder Johnson gave the lesson. After we went to the Memmotts for dinner.  Brother Memmott is our ward mission leader.  They are an awesome family!  It's was so nice to eat home cooked food again!  I mean, we have home cooked food as well... only it's in the form of a Cup of Noodle, or eggs. <-- My favorite! :/.  We had B.o.M. Class that night as well.  Elder Johnson plays the violin, so the ward has definitely used  his talent with that.  He's very good, and while I was teaching the B.o.M. class he was practicing with some members of the ward.  It was hard to teach by myself.  It's definitely helpful to have Elder Johnson there, so that we can have different ideas flowing, and well as a different voice.  It went pretty well though!  We read Alma 51, and we just take the chapter a couple versus at a time and discuss what each of us learn.
Thursday was really fun!  We had exchanges that day!  Elder Martin (DL) came to our area with me, and Elder Johnson went to their area (Greensburgh) with Elder Little.  It was really fun and stressful!  Since Elder Martin wasn't familiar with our area, i literally had to do everything.  Now i know how Elder Johnson felt while he was training me.  It's so hard to do missionary work, with someone who doesn't know the area or people.  He can talk really really well with others, but as far as getting revelation on who to teach.  Well it was up to me.  Thankfully we had a full day planned.   I saw this pregnant lady walking up the street.  I can talk to anyone about anything, unless it's gospel related...  So i was super nervous, but i decided we would go talk to her.  She actually turned out to be awesome!  We bore our testimonies and all that.  She really seemed to like it!  Ahh, i felt so energized after that.   After we went and saw this lady.  We talked to her, and she has a child who has a lot of health problems.  A blessing saved his life, as well as her grandmothers.  So she has such a testimony of the gospel!  She just can't make it out to church!  AHH it's so sad, because she loves church so much.  We are working with her though and continuing to encourage and commit her to come. After we went back to the house and ate dinner.  Elder Martin is a really funny guy, and we just talked about random things. 
Friday we switched  back to our old companions.  It was really really fun to be with someone else for a while, but i really missed Elder Johnson.  He is so good at leading us.  It's really hard doing everything by yourself, and we have also learned how to work and teach together to be most effective.  I really took for granted some of the things that he is able to do, and it was nice to see how much harder it was without his gifts.  So it definitely made me way more appreciative of him!  This day was weird.  The spirit was there, but it just felt weird.  We've been teaching a man, and realized that he hasn't prayed to know if the Book of Mormon is true!  He said he isn't going to until he's read the whole thing.   We had dinner at Sister Knights house That was really fun! 
Saturday one of our investigators texted us back and wanted to meet with us!  We were sooooo happy!  The spirit was so strong.  We read D&C121 with her.  When we left, it was snowing outside!  we were so happy, because i have been praying for snow every day!  I love when it snows, and so it just made the day that much better! 
Sunday We had church!  Church is awesome!  It's the best part of the week!  After church we went and had lunch with the Bohrer family.  They are so good at cooking!  We met with them, and had a lesson to help them find someone to have in there home that we could teach.  We later met with another family and had a lesson to seek more referrals.  Sunday's are the best!
I love being a missionary.  It isn't always super fun, and easy, but it is always rewarding.  No matter what we do, as long as we put our trust in the lord and do what we can!  This work is incredible, and it is definitely picking up!  It's not picking up on the missionary side.  It's the member side.  The key to the work hastening is the members.  They can reach out to people and introduce them to the gospel that we never could.  Once they've got the person interested, that's where we come in and we teach with the members.  It's amazing the fire this ward has!  They love helping us out to complete this wonderful work.
Elder Birrell

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