Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4 ,2013

Fall leaves in Pennsylvania

Hey yinz! (means y'all here.  These people are crazy)
Many times i think to myself "Am i still in America?"  It's a whole different world out here!  But i LOVE EVERYONE HERE!  The people here are amazing!  I don't know what everyone is talking about, when they say all of the work is down in South America. ;) We have 2 scheduled baptisms this month, and could potential pick up a 3rd!  The work here is definitely hastening.  Elder Johnson is an amazing companion.   This week, we made some goals to revolutionize our area.  The work is on the tipping point, we just need to give it that extra push.  The solution: Do the Lords work His way!  It's funny how you always hear how to do things, but you don't understand it, or believe it, until you do it.  That has been true with missionary work.  We are continuing to strive for exact obedience, and change little things, and turn towards the Lord a lot more, and hearts have definitely been softened, and miracles are happening all around us!  I love being a missionary, and i love serving the people here.  There isn't any other mission i'd rather be in.  This is exotic enough for me ;)
On Monday, is when we really set the goal to be exactly obedient, and that day we had a miracle!  There is this less active family that got "offended"   Anyway, we go to the door and no one answers. But when the Lord wants to talk to you, he will!  Low and behold, they pull up into the drive way and she gets out and says that it isn't a good time.  However, her husband told us to come in. (miracle).  We sit down with them, and have a really good fellow-shipping moment.  Then we ask if we can share a quick scripture that turns into a 45 minute lesson!  It was awesome, and the spirit was so strong!  They definitely know they need to make changes in their lives, and we're gonna make sure they do them :)
This week we have really seen real progress.  One lady, who feels she doesn't have any friends in the ward, got a friend when she came to church!   She's awesome, and i love visiting with her.  There's this 80 year old woman on our street who calls us her Mormon grandsons.  She's awesome.  She says she is born catholic and she's gonna die that way.  We're teaching her, she just doesn't know it yet.  I love her so much.  She's super funny.  We met this lady who recently had a baby, and she's a non-member.  She really shows promise, and she seems really prepared to hear the gospel.  We also met with a family who seem SUPER prepared to hear the gospel.  Ahh!  The work here is picking up like crazy!  We have so many promising potential investigators!  Holly, who is one of our progressing investigators, talked to another lady about the gospel for so long, and now we are going to have a new person come to our Book of Mormon classes we have each Wednesday.  There are seriously so many people prepared here, we just have to find them, and teach them!  The work here is about to explode.  I can feel it!
For Halloween we had to be in by 6pm.  So we deep cleaned our house.  Pretty fun.  It was really warm here last week, but his week has definitely been more cold!  We didn't have any kids come to the door.  Oh well, their loss.  We were only going to teach them how to receive eternal life!  JK!  But we were going to hand out BoM's.
That's all i can think of.  I'm in a hurry this week.  Oh we get iPad's in January, and it's CRAZY what they will be able to do!  They will help SOOOO much!  It's gonna be amazing.  Love you ALLLLL!!!!!
Elder Birrell

Raking leaves!!!!

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