Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013

I cannot believe it has already been a week, let alone a month!  Time seriously zooms by.  Each week feels like a day.  The work is definitely hastening!  We teach about 15 lessons a week! We got one reactivation yesterday, and are close to another one.  We have another baptism coming up at the end of the month or the beginning of December.  We also added a whole family to our teaching pool yesterday, and they absorbed every word we said!  I love this work and mission!  There isn't any place I'd rather be!  I'm glad I'm in the USA.  The members here are so strong.  I love the people here!  They truly are awesome!  It doesn't matter where you are in the world, you encounter the same type of people with similar situations.  The setting is just different.  We only teach whom the Lord has prepared.  Someone was saying that my mission is 3rd for the least amount of members and church influence.  Hardly anyone has heard about the church, and if they have it was through commercials. 
My companion is awesome!  He's a great missionary, and super in-tune with the spirit.  He has taught me a lot, and helped me gain experience so i can learn for myself!  He is a blessing!
So on Tuesday we had our baptism!   It was awesome!  The spirit was so strong, i though i was going to get translated on the spot and float up to heaven.  He is so prepared it is ridiculous.  Elder Johnson baptized him.  I'm glad he did, because he was here the whole time for him.  I just happened to show up and be there when it actually happened.

We taught another guy this week.  He is progressing slowly but surely.  He has been investigating for a couple years on and off.  We finally found out that he really does have a desire to learn and know if this church is true or not.  Ever since, he has been making such good progress!  He wants to really be sure what he is getting into, but we committed him to come to fast and testimony meeting for December, and he really liked that idea.  He isn't sure how to feel the spirit, but we can see it in his eyes when he feels it.  Everything just makes sense to him. 
We taught some other people by looking through our list of Former investigators, and potential investigators.  we want to make sure we haven't left anyone out before we try and to find new people to teach.  Last night we went to visit one of the formers.  Our whole day was kinda messed up, because everyone we planned on teaching canceled.  Except for her.  So we decided to have faith and not give up.  I got kinda sad inside, because as we were teaching her i knew she wasn't the one we were supposed to find and teach tonight.  We went ahead with the lesson, and asked to say an opening prayer.  As we were praying, her husband popped out of no where and joined in our prayer. 
He. Was. The. One.
We taught him the whole first lesson, and he agreed with everything!  He is so prepared it is awesome!  He really liked the lesson, and he said that he's open ......Well he said that we are really similar to their faith, and the negative things he heard about us were not true.  So we are going to see him next week, and their whole family is awesome!
That was basically my week in a nut shell.  This area is awesome!  I love being a missionary!  I cannot wait for this week!  Missionary work is not easy at all!  But it is so worth it!  I have learned SO much!  Before i know it I'll be home.  I am really trying to enjoy every moment of everyday!  Love you all!
Elder Birrell

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