Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013

Austin was running late so he finished flossing his teeth in the car!

Happy Monday!
  This week was, well... HARD! !  Every plan that we had just fell through this week.  But the end of the week was awesome!  Right now we are feeling great!  So when you put your trust in the Lord, he always rewards you times10!
  Monday: We had our P-day, and that was really fun! (Today we are going to play tennis after emailing).  We have all of this furniture we don't need, but it was just sitting in a box so we built it for fun:)  We also went to Target and got MUCH needed items to stay warm here.  After P-day we went to a members house, and had real authentic Korean food.  Elder Johnson was SO excited, and i was nervous.  I love foreign food, but Americanized foreign food.  Like panda express and cafe rio.  HAHAH!  It was really good though!  Very different from what i am used to, but i loved it! 
  Tuesday: A full day of tracting.  Yay!  Our plans didn't really work out again.  But later that night, we went and taught  an awesome lesson to a less active who really is in a tough situation.  She's the only member, and she has a lot of negative things around her.  I feel so bad for her!  She is really great though!  That was a lot of fun, and it made the day worth it!
  Wednesday: We had zone training in Butler.  It's about an hour away, and it's nice to get with a bunch of missionaries again. 
Thursday: Full of finding and 2 more cancellations.  So we talked to a lot of people.  Right before we were going to head home, we decided to see a less active family.  We knocked on the door, and they let us in!  We taught the mom (the kids are active) and came back later that night at 8 to give the kids blessings.  It was an awesome spiritual experience!
  Friday: We taught this guy.  We called and set an appointment.  It was an awesome lesson, and he is really starting to progress faster!   He is committed to come to fast and testimony meeting for December, and i know that when he goes, things will just explode from there.  It will really help him!  They key with him is just staying consistent.  The spirit works on him every time we go.   He is awesome and would be such a good Mormon :) We did some more tracting and that.  We had another cancellation.
Saturday: We fasted for some of our investigators.  I was so hungry!  We had this family history things from 9-12 that we helped out with which was pretty good!  For dinner, we had Ramen, Rice, sandwiches, basically a little bit of everything, and most of it is unhealthy.  Hahah!  But it was awesome to eat!
  Sunday:  We had a lot of less active members come to church.  None of our investigators :( But church was awesome!  One  lady we've been working with  is now coming to church! yippee!
     Elder Johnson is awesome!  He continues to help me, and we are become more and more of a tool in the Lord's hands!  He is a great missionary.  He has SUCH  desire to serve!  He is definitely someone who is going to be a missionary the rest of his life, no matter if he is set apart or not.  Which is something i really hope to develop!  He just does whatever!  No second thought.  The spirit prompts him to do something, and he does it before Satan can try and make him second guess himself.  Which is such a gift!   We are really becoming more and more unified which is amazing!  It really helps the work and pushes it forward.  I try every day to be a blessing and not a burden to him. I keep trying and praying!  He's great!  The Lord has truly blessed me with him, and he represents the Lord very very well:)
  I love this work!  It is amazing!  Thank you for everything that you guys do!  We definitely feel your prayers, and it helps!  Thank you!  This week was hard, but it only means a great week is to follow!  If you always put your trust in the Lord he will deliver you, and things will be WAY better than you thought they ever could be!  Love y'all!
  Elder Birrell

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