Monday, January 13, 2014

Birthday week...week 12!

My district.

Best DL ever!

My Birthday Cake

It's not my birthday until I get my Disneyland Birthday button!

This letter is gonna be a little short.
This week has been amazing though!  Elder Johnson and i are not getting transferred.  Neither are the sisters in our ward.  Rumor has it, we are getting another set of missionaries for this ward!  That's crazy!  The ward is really pushing missionary work, and the stake president promised if they used us, they'd get more missionaries. 
K. is still getting baptized!  She is getting baptized this Friday.  We have been meeting with her every day this week, and she has grown so much.  It's amazing!
Monday and Tuesday were FREEZING!  We didn't teach anyone, and tried to stay busy.  We had a lot of lessons with members.
Wednesday was a little warmer.  We had a lesson with K. about the law of chastity, and keeping the sabbath day holy.  It was really great.  We had our book of mormon class that night, and dinner at a members so we didn't teach anyone else.
Thursday was pretty great!  It was a little slow, but we taught K. again, and had a lesson with a less-active member.  I don't know who though...  This week has blazed by.  It's hard to remember everything we did.  Oh, we got new tires.  It took 5 hours!  They had to keep calling back and forth with the mission, and then it got super busy and ya.  It took forever.  Good thing though.  They said that our tires were one step away from being bald.  That explains why we were sliding EVERYWHERE!
Friday WAS AWESOME!  We taught 4 lessons, picked up a new investigator, and had such a fun time!  It was a really successful day.  We taught K. again,   We also had a lesson with a less active member who is going to ask his girl friend to take the lessons!  We also met with another investigator to see his progress on reading the book of mormon.  It was a fantastic day!  Very busy, and very tiring.
Saturday:  It was another great day!  They had a big family history/genealogy event, and there were 70 people from the community.  Prime proselyting.  Hopefully we can pick some of them up.  We went to the Zebroski's and had my birthday dinner.  IT WAS SO GOOD!  It tasted just like you make it Mom!  After we went and taught a less active member, and we are really pushing for him to come back to church.  One day...
Sunday: 2 investigators came to chuch.  That was awesome!    It was a really great day.  We met with 2 families, and they are in the process of giving us some referrals.  We also tracked a women who has been to the church before!  One of the Vivint Sales people told her about the church.  That's 3 people that i have met that have been introduced to the church through Vivint.  The Lord works in mysterious ways!  It was such a great week, and Elder Johnson and I are so glad we get to stay together!  We have finally gotten into the groove of everything, and are, with the Lord's help, becoming quite successful!  We thank the Lord for everything, and anything! 
Love ya
Birthday dinner

Coldest morning ever!!!!!

Austin is almost as cool as him :)

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