Tuesday, July 29, 2014

We are all enlisted

Austin helped someone bury their cat.
Bonjour, Hola, Ni hou, Hello, Howdie!

A lot happened this week, but I'll just tell two of the best stories.

So on Wednesday we went to meet with an older lady that we met in a restaurant on our way home from New York.  She is SO funny!  So her Sister and nephew both came up for the Palmyra pageant--they are both members.  So we went to dinner with them, and they asked her if she wanted to learn about our church from us.  She quickly said "No".  She's heard it 1 million times.  Well, as it usually happens we ended up talking about the gospel anyway, and basically taught the restoration and cleared up a lot of misconceptions she had.  She seemed very receptive, and enjoyed our company.  After dinner we went to their house for dessert, and to try and talk more.  As we finished we set it up so that we could come and do service for her tomorrow.  
     So we went back the next morning, and had great fellowshipping with her, and just tried to be her friend.  Her Sister and nephew told us that she couldn't believe that we wanted to help her.  She then fed us lunch, and we had a great time.  
     Couple of days later, we went to give a blessing.  That lady didn't come out, and they were telling us that she said to them "I don't know why i like them so much".  She was kind of upset about it, because she doesn't want to hear the gospel out of fear it could be true.  They said to keep doing service for her.  It's already softened her heart.  

     Later on in the week, when we were up in New York, we had a terrific lesson!  She opened up to us a ton! She started to cry as well--this took me by surprise--and we just showed a ton of love for her.  We asked her if she wanted a blessing, and she hasn't ever had one!  In the blessing we told her that she would have the holy ghost at that moment to comfort her.  After the blessing, she said that she felt our hands still on her head, and she felt peace flowing from her head!  So cool!

This gospel is true.  This message is all about hope!  This gospel gets us out of any situation in life that we are not happy with.  It will rescue us from any decision we make.  God loves us, and he wants us all back.  He's provided the way.  We are the only ones who deny us Celestial glory.  Not Him.  We are our own judge.  He will do anything he can to help us.  We just have to do the simple things to get the Holy Ghost in our life, and walk our way back to Him.  Stay strong.  Keep the faith.  You'll be glad you did.

Love ya!

We Are All Enlisted
Elder Birrell

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