Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21


I can't believe it is already Monday again!  These weeks seriously go by
like days.  It blow's my mind.  This week was pretty great though!

Towards the beginning, we taught quite a bit of lessons.  We also met a new
less-active that i have never seen.  When we asked her if we could share a
spiritual thought, she said that the missionaries had never done that
before!  I couldn't believe my ears.  So we talked about the Book of
Mormon, and asked her to take the lesson's again.  She said that she will
think about it...  We'll get her.

On Wednesday i went on an exchange with the Fairview Elder's.  I went with
Elder Broom.  He is the funniest guy!  I was dying.  We did a role play,
and i was practically chasing him around the house.  He always did crazy
role plays.  We went to go tracting, and we found this trail that we
thought went to a house...  Turns out it ended up in the middle of no
where!  It was in a really rural area, so we thought that maybe someone
just cut out a trail to their house.  After about 10 minutes of walking on
it, we turned back...  It was pretty fun!

On Friday we had 7 lesson's planned, and all but 1 cancelled!  We walked so
much, and it was super hot.  It kind of stunk, but we had an awesome
lesson with One of our investigators and that made the whole day worth it!  That's pretty much
how missionary work goes i feel.  A lot of disappointments, but one good
things out weighs them all!

Saturday we decided to break out our bikes and ride them to NY.  16 Miles
round trip.  Only problem was it started to rain like crazy, and the wind
was super hard!  I got drenched.  It was fun, but i am glad that i have a
car.  I'll be good for the rest of my mission now.

It was a pretty slow week numbers wise, but the time went really fast!  We
are just trying to figure out how to get the work moving up here!  I guess
we just need more faith.  Heavenly Father will get what he needs done,
done!  Love ya, and have a great week.

Be A Believer

Elder Birrell

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