Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Teenage girls

My week here in Erie was pretty good!  The work is still moving slow, but
we have made a lot of plans and set some goals for new things to try this
week.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed:)

The start of the week was slow.  We went mini golfing with people from the
district, and the biggest rain storm i have ever seen came in.  The thunder
was so loud, and we got soaked in the 1 minute we were in it.  The
windshield wiper could barely keep up with is.  The roads were straight up
rivers.  It was awesome!  We didn't teach a lesson until Thursday!  Somehow
we were still busy though.  Not sure exactly what we did. I went on an
exchange to the Fairview Elder's area, and they have a sweet house.  It's
right on the lake.  It looks and feels like cabin.  There area is pretty
different from ours.  It's a little nicer.

Thursday was a scary day!  This is where the title from my email comes in.
We were doing weekly planning, and we had to walk to an appointment that
was about 2 miles away.  As we walked out of our apartment there were 2
teenage girls across the street. We waved at them like we normally do to
people, and continued on our way.  Right as we rounded the corner i heard
these chilling words "You're hot!  You're hot!"  These words shattered my
eardrums, and made my heart stop in fear.  I didn't turn around but kept
walking.  I told my comp. that we should walk faster.  We did like Joseph
in Egypt.  Got the heck away!  We were walking, and we saw the girls come
around the corner.  Talking loud obviously trying to get our attention.  I
was freaking out.  My comp. was completely fine, however.  We finally got
to the end of the road and went up these stairs that no one ever goes up,
but us... and now our new buddies.  We walked the whole 2 miles, and i was
praying they wouldn't catch up.  They literally followed us the whole way
to the appointment.  Luckily the people were home and i was able to escape.
The next day we went to this fair here in North East, and there were a
bunch more teenage girls be freaky!  Needless to say i do not enjoy walking
around out side anymore.  I wish the -40 degree's were back.  Flirt to
convert i guess ;) heheh.

We went up to Westfield on Friday and visited a couple less-active members.
They were great!  We were pretty bold with them, but the spirit was there
so it was alright.  It was a pretty good week.  Love ya!  Have a great

Elder Birrell

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