Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Short but sweet

This week was great.  Kinda slow and short.  On Wednesday i taught my first district meeting in this area.  It went over pretty good i hope.  We talked and discussed on ways to build a fire underneath the ward to do missionary work.  After the meeting i went on an exchange into the Zone Leaders area.  Their area is pretty cool!  They have a lot more city than i do.  The Elder i went with has an awesome conversion story as well!  It was definitely an uplifting experience.  Thursday was slow.  We did some service for members that were moving out, and tried to see some less-active members.

On Friday we went up to Westfield, NY.  There are a lot of less-actives up there, because the church building is 1 hour away!!!!!  We got in a lot of lessons, and hopefully we are building up their faith.  Saturday we had some service opportunities.  Also i went and did a baptism interview in the other Elder's Area.  It took an hour to drive there, so that took a good chunk out of our day.  We went and did service for one of our investigators and visited with her after.  Hopefully her faith is building.  She's had a very rough life.  That was my week.  Short and sweet i guess.  Have a great week.  Love ya!

Elder Birrell

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